INNOFACT is a full service market research institute.

We combine traditional market research knowledge and skills with options for online surveys and state-of-the-art data collection. We are active in Germany, Europe and across the world. INNOFACT is one of the market and quality leaders for online surveys in Germany and operates its own online panels. We employ people who apply high standards to the quality and usability of their results, and we supply solutions and recommendations for our customers’ market questions. The head office of INNOFACT is in Düsseldorf. There are branch offices in Berlin, Zurich and Lengerich.


INNOFACT offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of tried and tested and innovative market research solutions. It is the objective of each survey to generate genuine added value for our customers, helping to inspire their marketing decisions.


INNOFACT has customers in a wide range of sectors: telecommunications, FMCG, commerce, durables, automotive, publishing, media, online services, transport, capital equipment, business consultancy, insurance, financial services, cosmetics, food, public sector, advertising agencies, PR agencies.

Areas of Research

  • Concept/product testing
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer segmentation
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Advertising research (pre- and post-testing)
  • Pricing research
  • Internet/ usability
  • Employee surveys
  • Website pre- and post-testing
  • User surveys
  • Tracking

Company Facts

  • 80 employees at the Düsseldorf, Berlin, Zurich and Lengerich locations
  • Approx. 1000 projects a year
  • European and world-wide field network
  • In-house IT team and innovative IT solutions
  • Proprietary online panel
  • Reliable, secure methods even in complex question setting and survey designs
  • Founded in 2001

How we work

INNOFACT recommends the use of online surveys (CAWI) for carrying out studies with a quantitative focus. The most significant fundamental advantages of online surveys are:

  • Speed
  • Cost savings: replacing cost-intensive face-to-face or telephone interviews with online interviews saves you considerable sums of money without compromising on quality.
  • Effective screening: using screening questions at the beginning, some of which are hidden, means that only the desired target group will reach the main section of the survey.
  • No interviewer effect (minimising the effect of social norms in giving answers): as opposed to the effect of in-person interviews, where the interviewer’s presence and behaviour may influence the respondent’s response behaviour.
  • More authentic and extensive response behaviour in the case of open-ended questions: respondents are able to take their time and think about their answers.
  • The option to visualise specific aspects within the interview (by integrating logos, images of products, adverts, TV spots, etc.)
  • More complex survey structure using smart filtering and types of questions

About our Process

  • INNOFACT invites respondents from the consumer panels to take part in a survey by email (without giving details about the reason for the survey). They then complete the questionnaire on a website which can only be opened once using an individual transaction number.
  • First, the respondents answer a few, hidden screening questions (usually with misleading answers and automatic screening out of ‘straight-liners’ who answer unrealistically) about their individual situations. Then, only respondents who fulfil the target group requirements are admitted to the main section of the survey.
  • INNOFACT assures high response quality thanks to innovative panel management (directing frequency of invitations and interviews, compensation for screen outs, cross-study check on response behaviour, etc.) and appropriate quality clean-up of the raw data (e.g. excluding ‘speeders’ and ‘straight-liners’).

Our Panel Business

INNOFACT has been running various panels in the German-speaking world for over 17 years:  

1. EntscheiderClub: a new, high-value online panel by INNOFACT, a lab to test innovative study designs and panel solutions.

  • Designed and managed by market researchers for market researchers.
  • Fulfils all demands of state-of-the-art panels (exclusively available for market research, identity tests, quality management, etc.)
  • Over 180,000 members already – and showing strong growth.
  • ISO certified: the panel complies with the strict requirements of ISO 26362:2009 “Access panels in market, opinion and social research”.
  • High response quality thanks to innovative panel management (directing frequency of invitations and interviews, compensation for screen outs, cross-study check on response behaviour, etc.)
  • German levels of data protection, hosting and panel management based in Germany.
  • EntscheiderClub is also a panel lab for innovative study designs and panel solutions e.g. typing, customised segmenting/profiling, downloadable and multi-device studies, product testing, measuring advertising success using exposure data, innovative panel management, altruistically motivated participants (donations), on-demand recruitment by customer request, etc.
  • Includes Germany, Switzerland (all regions) and Austria.
  • Rated as top German market research panel in an independent customer study (research institutes and commercial market researchers):

2. Established online panel “meinungsplatz”, launched by INNOFACT as early as 1997.

  • Largest online panel in the German speaking world (350,000 screened members).
  • Suited to low-incidence studies (i.e. ‘small’ or regional target groups).
  • Direct access to panel members 24 hours a day and 365 days a year using INNOFACT.
  • Excellent quality management with constant clean-ups.
  • Fair incentive scheme -> high levels of commitment among members.
  • Exclusively used for market research.
  • Includes Germany, Switzerland (all regions) and Austria.

3. INNOFACT partner panels for international samples outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • Established panel partners with direct access to international panel members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using INNOFACT.
  • High quality requirements of our panel partners – INNOFACT’s partner is always the highest performing provider in that country.
  • INNOFACT is always carrying out online studies in almost all western and eastern European countries, in the USA, Asia and several other countries and regions.
  • Even on these international projects, project management, survey programming/hosting and analysis all remain with the central INNOFACT project team in Germany.


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