Advertising Agencies

Market Research Solutions
for Advertising Agencies

INNOFACT works directly for advertising agencies as well as with agencies on behalf of clients. Among INNOFACT’s clients are large agency groups as well as small and medium-sized agencies. Tools and processes are perfectly tailored to the needs of advertising agencies. INNOFACT knows the processes and needs of agencies, which ideally form a triad of customer, agency and market research service provider. Four of the ten large global agency groups already use the services of INNOFACT. In total, more than 30 advertising agencies are INNOFACT clients.

Valuable data for effective communication

Some INNOFACT market research tools are explicitly aimed at agencies. They never restrict creativity, but make a fruitful contribution to the development of successful communication and are thus ultimately also an instrument for consolidating the agency’s reputation with the client.

Pitch support

Concepts or campaign drafts to complement and enhance professional and serious market research data.

  • What is the initial image of the agency client in relation to the competition?
  • Which product, price, or communication deficits are relevant for the agency client’s target group?
  • Which campaign approaches ideally address the target group?

Market- / -secondary source analysis

  • How has a particular market segment developed in the past?
  • Which sales forecasts seem realistic?
  • Which target group segments can be identified?
  • Who are the main players in the market?
  • How do the existing competitors act in the marketing sector?

Advertising pre-tests and post-tests

Pretests at INNOFACT are possible at a previously unattainable speed (results overnight), statistical robustness (even quantitatively interpretable case numbers are easily possible) and cost efficiency (no time-consuming recruitment of difficult target groups, no studio costs, etc.). In addition to the innovative online tools, INNOFACT also offers all established methods such as studio tests or group discussions in the field of advertising pre-tests and post-tests.

Support in the context of industry studies

Agencies and advertisers are happy to publish their own expert or industry studies in order to generate new contacts, build competence or generate sales through the sale of studies. As a professional partner, INNOFACT supports and relieves study publishers in all desired areas – from conception, data acquisition and preparation to evaluation and presentation fast, methodically accurate, reliable and competent.


Download INNOFACT Brochure Market Research for Advertising Agencies (PDF)

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