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Support of B-to-B business development
through successful market research approaches

The transformation of the B-to-B business in the context of progressive digitisation or new markets, applications, and target groups presents B-to-B providers with major challenges. As one of the leading market research institutes in Germany, INNOFACT has many years of experience with projects for B-to-B providers. INNOFACT researches and analyses markets, and identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of its clients and main competitors. Clients from a wide variety of B-to-B sectors use the cooperation with INNOFACT to check how they are perceived, research their customers’ wishes, evaluate new markets or convince buyers of their offers and services.

Critical success factors - our experience:

A profound understanding of the market and competitive conditions in (new) markets, industries or segments is crucial in order to be able to derive the opportunities for your own product and service offerings from this.

These are the sources and survey tools

  • Desk research
    Databases, expert discussions, journalistic research, trade journals, company information, financial data, market studies
  • Primary data and surveys
    Personal or telephone interviews with competitors, customers and potential customers, national or international
  • Industry services and associations
    Telephone interviews with association representatives, other industry representatives and journalists
  • Databases
    Use of business and study databases
  • Expert surveys
    Associations, industry representatives, journalists, surveys at trade fairs and congresses.

These are the packages

Numerous clients from B-to-B and capital goods sectors have been relying on the proven INNOFACT services for years. On the basis of the desired questions, INNOFACT creates a tailor-made study design and delivers prompt, reliable results and action-relevant findings. It is important to understand impulses of the market and relevant target groups and to integrate them into the innovation and marketing process of your company. Our approach includes the following service components, which  can be used also individually precisely for your current questions:

 1. Market segment analysis

  • Basic analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Target customer analysis
  • Strategic evaluation

 2. Technology and innovation market research

  • Findings on innovation potentials nationally and internationally
  • Support in every phase of the innovation process
  • Evaluation of product and service ideas via idea screener
  • Concept tests
  • Pricing and optimization

 3. Neutral market survey

  • Evaluation of different aspects of the categories
  • Product and service quality, services provided by customers in competitions

 4. Customer surveys

  • Customer satisfaction, loyalty and enthusiasm
  • Brand strength, image, and performance
  • Target group, segment, and customer value analyses

 5. Support for ISO certification

  • Evaluation of ISO-relevant criteria such as customer orientation, involvement of employees, and continuous improvement process

This is how it works - using the example of market segment analysis

In order to give you an impression of the expected benefits for your company, you will find our approach using the example of market segment analysis:

INNOFACT’s market segment analysis is particularly suitable for supporting your company’s growth and diversification strategy. For example, new target industries can be analysed first in order to be able to make a decision about a potential market entry, and then this market entry can be implemented on the basis of the analysis. The INNOFACT approach includes the following standard modules for carrying out the market segment analysis, which can be booked individually:

  • Module “Basic Analysis”:
    Definition and delimitation of the focus industry you are addressing. Price: EUR 3.800 – EUR 5.300*
  • Module “Market Analysis”:
    Determination of the current market/demand volume. Price: EUR 5.000 – EUR 6.500*.
  • Module “Competition Analysis”:
    Identification of direct and indirect competitors/providers of your products with essential competence in the area of the focus industry. Price: EUR 4.500 – EUR 6.000 *
  • Module “Target customer analysis”:
    Identification of TOP target customers in the focus industry with demand for your products. Price: EUR 1.500 – EUR 2.500 *
  • Module “Strategic Evaluation”:
    Comprehensive determination of industry attractiveness (e.g. via the Five Forces Industry Structure Analysis according to Porter). Price: EUR 2.000 – EUR 2.500 *

Methods of INNOFACT Market Segment Analysis

The following methods are used to obtain the information:

  • Market and database research of all kinds (usually online/web-based)
  • Expert interviews with market participants
    Usually, 4-8 individual interviews are conducted by telephone or in person. Not included in this phase of market segment analysis are, as a rule, own surveys of a quantitative nature, i.e. classic questionnaire-based interviews with larger samples.

If you are interested in the market segment analysis or in the following short packages, please contact us for details:

Your contact person

Hans-Jochen Brückner
Unit Director INNOFACT
F. +49 211 86 20 29 219

Hans-Jochen Brückner is Head of B-to-B, Energy and Mobility at INNOFACT. He has more than 20 years of experience in leading operational market research functions for B-to-B companies such as Vaillant (customers: trade companies, architects, housing construction and commercial enterprises) or Ruhrgas (customers: municipal utilities, supra-regional energy suppliers and industrial customers).


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