With valid data to success
in the food industry

In the food sector, INNOFACT works for both large companies and medium-sized businesses. More than 250 food brands use INNOFACT as a market research service provider, including seven of the 20 largest companies. Companies in the food industry use the cooperation with INNOFACT to create ad hoc studies, trackings or complex studies. In this way, they secure decisive competitive advantages in highly competitive markets.


Professional Support in all dimensions

As one of the leading market research institutes in Germany, INNOFACT meets the requirements of its clients with fast and directly usable results, reliable and robust data collection, and a highly committed team of market research experts. As a reliable partner of the food industry, INNOFACT has been committed to the success of its clients for many years.

Seamless process integration

INNOFACT market research services for the food industry are seamlessly integrated into the processes and working methods of our clients. INNOFACT acts as an extended market research workbench for small and medium-sized companies as well as directly integrated into the product management of larger clients.


  • INNOFACT Services are always adapted to the requirements of the client.
  • Market research results are available quickly and can be used directly.
  • Data collection is reliable and robust.
  • The INNOFACT Team is highly committed and committed to the success of our customers.


Services in the price dimension

  • Price readiness studies
  • Research into price sensitivity
  • Conjoint studies
  • Describing price-sales relationships

Services in the product dimension

  • Concept tests
  • Studies on assortment planning
  • Packaging tests
  • Tastings

Services in the communication dimension

  • Pretests
  • Trackings

Services in the distribution dimension

  • Promotion tests
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Assortment checks
  • Expert surveys


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