Management Consultancies

Use market research -
secure market advantage

INNOFACT supports management consultancies with industry studies, as part of client projects, within the framework of commercial due diligence and as direct research for the management consultancy itself.
Numerous consulting firms have long been using INNOFACT to enhance their own or client studies, to optimise consulting services for clients or to review their own image. In this way, they secure decisive competitive advantages in highly competitive markets.

Excellent research – fast, precise, efficient

INNOFACT knows that studies and results must be integrated into the marketing activities of customers, and that all analyses and recommendations for action must reflect the rapid pace of market developments.


Support in the context of industry studies

Numerous management consultancies regularly publish their own expert or industry studies in order to generate new contacts, build up competence or achieve sales through the sale of studies. INNOFACT supports and relieves consulting companies in all desired areas – from conception to data acquisition, and preparation to evaluation and presentation. Fast, methodically accurate and always highly professional.

Support within the scope of commercial due diligances

INNOFACT supports you with targeted market research within the scope of valuation and M&A projects. With target group surveys you can analyse the market status of your target in comparison to your competitors. This works both for consumer target groups, e.g. for industry segments such as retail, FMCG, telco or online services, and for B2B target groups. Also, market analyses provide you with information on volumes, sales channels, share of wallet, or market developments and trends. As always with INNOFACT, fast, precise and efficient.

Market research in the context of client projects

INNOFACT supports management consultancies in all market research questions within the scope of project work for clients. The possible services are scalable within a broad framework:

  • Methodical project consulting/project conception
  • Support in questionnaire development
  • Data acquisition/interview (in person, by telephone, in writing or online)
  • Data delivery
  • Statistical data evaluation (from basic to highly complex multivariate methods)
  • Report volume, presentation preparation, presentations

INNOFACT carries out such projects in its own name or in the name of the client.

Direct market research for the company

Market research on our own behalf: In order to obtain objective and meaningful data, cooperation with a neutral institute is a good idea. Typical questions are, for example:

  • How satisfied were customers with the cooperation (for example, once a year or asked automatically about certain project milestones)?
  • What image does the consulting firm have in the target groups relevant to you, such as top management, and in relation to the relevant competitors?


Download INNOFACT Brochure market research solutions for management consultancies (PDF)

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