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Relevant content is the elixir for good communication. In times of content marketing, this is all the more true. Market research is therefore the beginning of every good content strategy, because researching people and their needs ensures absolute relevance. The use of representative survey results in PR strategy creates attention and reputation, but also strengthens a communication path that is credible in the long term. Numerous content marketing and PR agencies use for that reason the cooperation with INNOFACT to create studies for clients or for themselves to check and optimise the effectiveness of their communication measures.

Tailor-made solutions for effective PR

INNOFACT has many years of experience in consulting content marketing agencies and PR agencies. Last but not least, in-house experts who have previously worked in major publishing houses ensure profound support and advice. Numerous clients from the agency sector have therefore relied on the proven INNOFACT Services such as tailor-made study designs and the delivery of timely and reliable results, as well as action-relevant findings for years.

How it works

  • If desired, topics can be discussed with INNOFACT Experts. This may be exciting for the client company.
  • If the topic has been determined already, a high-quality questionnaire will be created. Currently, there are many improperly conducted studies that do not meet market research quality standards and do not provide any real value of insight. Thus communication and press work designed with the corresponding studies are highly vulnerable.
  • Depending on whether the results have to be delivered very quickly (24 hours), because there is a current topic window, or in the medium term (several weeks field time), when it comes to a strategic topic approach the results are delivered.
  • It is also possible to prepare a customer-ready chart report.

These topics are covered

  • Estimation of daily events
  • Fundamental issues affecting the client company (sustainability, product category, developments in user markets, etc.)
  • Assessments of opinions on current and future trends

What INNOFACT offers

  • Prompt or just-in-time delivery of results
  • Representative surveys
  • Robust results that stand up to critical scrutiny, which is particularly important when the results are used in public
  • Advice on the development of new topics
  • Many years of experience cooperating with PR agencies
  • Opportunities for PR agencies to distinguish themselves through robust market and opinion research with customers

Our tip at the end

In order to conduct successful market research on their own behalf, numerous PR agencies constantly mandate INNOFACT to research and review the effectiveness and mechanisms of their PR measures. However, the results of INNOFACT Market Research provide PR agencies with data and information with which they can make your successes and effectiveness visible to your customers.

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