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Cooperation with INNOFACT in two completely different areas is a good option for publishers: Classic market research for publishing products and cooperation in the field of content delivery. Many publishing companies have long used INNOFACT to test formats, analyse readers, explore online activities, or generate high-quality content. In this way, they secure decisive competitive advantages in highly competitive markets.

Tests of concepts or established formats

  • Where are the value creation potentials of new formats?
  • Which readers are addressed by a new or established media concept?
  • Where do previous readers see the optimization potential of a trade journal?
  • Under what circumstances can new target groups be tapped for a format?
  • Which contents, offers, services and performances are particularly important or unimportant?
  • Which future contents, offers, services are particularly attractive?

Reader analyses, copy tests

  • Who are my readers?
  • How do readers use certain products?
  • How do readers rate the entire magazine or individual sections?
  • What is the relationship between readers and a newspaper or magazine?
  • How satisfied are readers with content, offers, services?
  • Which contents, offers, services are particularly important or unimportant for readers?
  • Which future contents, offers, services are particularly attractive for my readers?
  • To what extent do they identify with my offer?
  • What is the probability of re-purchase/termination?

Online activities

  • What influence and what effects do online activities have?
  • How are websites and other online offers perceived, used and evaluated by the target group?
  • What cannibalisation and synergy effects exist between the readers/users of offline and online editions?
  • Who are the main competitors on the internet?

Exclusive generation of content

In cooperation with INNOFACT, attractive market research data can be continuously generated exclusively for publishers, that can be published extremely promptly in print editions or online media, for example.

Sample questions:

  •  Financial magazine: How does the monthly surveyed attitude of my readers on the DAX forecast develop: one week, one month, one year?
  • Local or weekly newspaper: How does a representative consumer panel assess regional, national or global political issues?
  • Trade journal communications: Which of five advertising motifs is chosen as “Motif of the Week” by 15 creative directors and 250 consumers in parallel?
  • Mobile trade magazine: What future or value creation potential does an exclusive circle of experts offer certain apps?


Download: INNOFACT Brochure Market Research for Publishers (PDF)

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