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Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

Market research provides valuable data for planning, development and operation of real estate projects. As a leading German online market research institute, INNOFACT has direct access to over 500,000 consumers and the core target groups of the real estate industry via its own panels. Decision makers, homeowners, investors, tenants, landlords, people ready to move and interested to buy can be analysed nationally, regionally or against any of the top-fourteen property locations in Germany.

Companies in the real estate industry use the cooperation with INNOFACT to check awareness and image, to explore the wishes and opinions of their target group, and to align offers even more closely to the needs of their customers. In this way clients secure a decisive competitive advantage in fiercely competitive markets.

Success through using scientific analyses

INNOFACT explores trends, analyses markets and opinions of target groups, determines willingness to purchase, and surveys customer satisfaction using tried-and-tested as well as innovative methods in modern market research.

Market research services

  • Market analysis
  • Target group analysis
  • Project analysis
  • Acceptance checks
  • Marketing checks
  • Customer satisfaction analyses

Market research solutions for

  • Agencies ( real estate marketing and PR)
  • Estate agents and brokers
  • Project developers and construction firms
  • Researchers
  • Housing companies and property managers
  • Housing cooperatives


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Omnibus Surveys

The INNOFACT Omnibus is a weekly or daily multi-topic survey. The sample of approximately 1,000 subjects, can either be representative of the population or the internet regarding criteria of age, gender and federal state. There are only 24 or 48 hours between submission of the questions and returning the results.

INNOFACT Omnibus surveys are starting from EUR 399 (excluding VAT).


INNOFACT market and industry studies for the real estate industry

Representative market study residential high-rise building Germany

Living in skyscrapers is experiencing a renaissance in this country – residential towers are being built in many growing cities. For the first time, a representative analysis of citizens’ attitudes to skyscrapers is now available (as of October 2015). On the basis of a representative survey of 2,009 citizens and 16 experts, the “Wohnhochhaus Deutschland” study provides a detailed view of image, demand, desired locations, equipment, use, building and environmental technology and expectations of municipal decision-makers.

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Representative market study on housing trends in Germany

Germany is facing a demographic revolution with a declining population, an ageing population and individualisation. The study “Wohntrends Deutschland – Status und Wünsche 2025” provides the housing industry with a wealth of interesting information on the behaviour of tenants and owners in one to two decades. The extensive database is therefore of great importance for portfolio management and new real estate projects.

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