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INNOFACT has a focus on research for telecommunications companies. INNOFACT speaks the language of this fast-paced market and knows the demands of market research in this field: speed, robustness of data, and a high commitment to customer thinking and strategy. Many telecommunications clients have long used INNOFACT to measure customer satisfaction, analyse service quality, test products and concepts and analyse their image. In this way, they secure decisive competitive advantages in highly competitive markets.

Market research at a high pace

INNOFACT knows that studies and results must be integrated into the marketing activities of customers and that all analyses and recommendations for action must reflect the rapid pace of market developments.

Customer satisfaction analyses

  • How satisfied are customers and users with the company’s services?
  • What potential for optimisation exists with regard to the target group of existing customers?
  • What effect did specific marketing activities have on the overall satisfaction of customers?
  • What influence does the price/performance ratio perceived by the customer or user have on his willingness to buy/use?
  • How does customer loyalty develop over time, for example in terms of usage/purchase frequency or the proportion of regular customers?

Service analyses

  • How satisfied are the customers with the services offered so far?
  • What is the relationship between the range of services offered and the direct competitors?
  • To what extent do customers perceive the services offered?
  • Which additional services would actually have a positive influence on customer satisfaction and purchase frequency?
  • Which existing services only cost money and do not play a significant role for the customer?
  • At what prices can certain fee-based services be successfully offered to customers?

Product and concept tests

  • Which added value potentials can be identified for a new product idea?
  • How does a new product have to be specifically designed in order to be successful for consumers?
  • Which of three competing concepts promises the greatest potential?

Image analyses

  • How does the image of the company or the image of offers develop over time?
  • What influence do different marketing activities have on the image?
  • How do the actual image characteristics influence willingness to buy and use?


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