Data Collection with B-to-B Samples

High standards,
high volume knowledge transfer

INNOFACT developed a valid set of instruments from a large number of studies in the past. This can be used to implement into the framework of market research projects. Clients from various industries have been relying on surveys with INNOFACT B-to-B samples for years. In this way, they secure decisive advantages in highly competitive markets.

Market research with business customer samples

Different methods of recruiting participants

  • CATI surveys
    Traditionally, many B-to-B studies continue to be conducted as pure telephone surveys (CATI): The test persons are recruited by telephone and the interview also takes place by telephone.
  • Hybrid surveys
    Hybrid surveys are another option: The interviewers approach the respondents by telephone and try to win them over for an online interview. As a rule, the respondents also have the choice of conducting the interview by telephone in hybrid surveys. A hybrid survey enables at least some of the respondents to take advantage of an online interview: free choice of the time and place of the survey, thus authentic response behaviour and higher commitment by the respondents.
  • B2B and special panels
    Recruiting special target groups is always a challenge in the B-to-B environment. INNOFACT has preselected some groups of respondents such as IT or telecom decision-makers or managers of medium-sized companies in panels. We are happy to check whether we also have your target group at our disposal.
  • Xing recruitment
    There are target groups that are not represented in any panel. This is where our “Xing recruitment” comes in. INNOFACT has extensive experience in addressing decision-makers on social media and has developed a proven process to attract hard-to-reach groups of people for surveys.

Recruitment and execution in CATI-Studio

All interviewers who recruit respondents for B-to-B studies are specially trained and are able to win over target groups that are difficult to reach.

Depending on the initial situation, INNOFACT either uses addresses provided by the client (e.g. by customers) or researches the contact persons in the companies according to precise specifications. The institute’s own CATI system is a proprietary development and has been specifically optimised for use in B-to-B studies:

  • Plausibility checks and calculations during the interview
  • Documentation of contact and interview history
  • Sample management and deadline monitoring
  • Automated reminder functionalities
    multilingual capability
  • Multi-Method-Option: Seamless use of the questionnaire also as an online interview


Download INNOFACT Brochure Data Collection with B-to-B Samples (PDF)