Desk Research

Market knowledge is decisive
for market success

In order to establish a new product on the market or to position yourself better within the competitive environment, comprehensive, up-to-date and exact market knowledge is absolutely necessary. Customers and partners from various industries use INNOFACT Desk Research to optimally assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks for their brand or company in comparison to their main competitors. In this way, they gain decisive competitive advantages in highly competitive markets.

Market advantage through market insights

Market and competition analyses with INNOFACT Desk Research provide comprehensive market knowledge about competitors, product portfolios, market structures, trends and forecasts – nationally and internationally.

Possible objectives

  • Market assessment: investment in long-term growth markets
  • Competition analysis: identification and characterisation of the main competitors
  • Positioning: positioning of the company in the competitive environment
  • Strengths-weaknesses profile: analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the brand or company
  • Top product portfolios: analysis of the dominant products on the market
  • Trends and forecasts: analysis of market development and identification of influencing determinants

Procedure INNOFACT Desk Research

INNOFACT uses all available sources and information channels for market and competition analysis:

  • Online research of the leading business and press databases
  • Internet research
  • Industry portals and industry services
  • Trade journals and literature
  • Professional associations, institutes and statistical offices
  • Analysis of the main competitors
  • Providers of market studies and study shops
  • Interviews with market and industry experts Visiting relevant (trade) fairs

Outcome for clients

The information collected is analysed, condensed, processed and documented. Overviews show the core results at a glance and help to make important market decisions.
INNOFACT’s market research expertise consistently guarantees high data quality.
Analyses with INNOFACT Desk Research enable
  • reaction to changes in the market at an early stage
  • development of your own strengths and opportunities
  • identification and minimisation of potential weaknesses and risks in a timely manner
  • creation of new impulses for marketing and sales activities
  • strategic decisions on the basis of sound information


Download INNOFACT Brochure Desk Research (PDF)