Eye Tracking PoS

What do your customers
perceive at the point of sale?

Store design, full shelves, various displays and many special offers: In order to really understand what customers perceive at the point of sale (PoS), you have to take your customer’s point of view. INNOFACT has a mobile eye-tracking tool that allows you to measure the behaviour and experience at the PoS “live”. Tailor-made eye-tracking solutions help to investigate immediately and undistorted how your customers interact with your offers and products at the PoS. From the effectiveness of price labelling and promotions to the evaluation of the visibility of individual products in the competitive environment and the perceived attractiveness of entire product ranges, everything can be analysed using the eye-tracking method spectrum.

At eye level with your customers

INNOFACT combines state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology with qualitative techniques and quantitative surveys. The mix of spontaneous, effective data and well-founded survey results gives you a holistic picture of your customer, their perception and their requirements and needs for your business.

How it works

Eye tracking involves recording the eye movements of test subjects using technical measuring instruments. This means that special analysis software can be used to measure what the test person has seen and what his gaze has been like. Regular customers are approached by INNOFACT employees in the shop and won to participate in the eye-tracking test. The customers are then equipped with small and state-of-the-art eye-tracking glasses (similar to sunglasses) and move around the store as usual. Afterwards they are interviewed in a brief interview.

These questions will be answered

  • How does the presentation of goods affect customers (shelf tests and shopper studies)?
  • How do new products arrive (product and concept tests on the shelf in a competitive environment)?
  • Are products and product categories in the right place (analysis of indoor navigation)?
  • What impression and positioning does the store design convey?
  • How are prices and price labelling perceived at the PoS?
  • How is digital communication and advertising assessed on the shop floor (digital signage)?

What INNOFACT delivers

  • Versatile application: Eye tracking is suitable wherever attention, perception and usability play a role.
  • Mobile application: The use of lightweight and unobtrusive mobile eye-tracking eyeglasses enables your customers to move undisturbed at the PoS, and thus shop unhindered and largely uninfluenced and carry out test tasks. Thanks to state-of-the-art measuring instruments, points of view, and their progression can be precisely measured and the (gaze) behaviour of customers can be recorded in their natural environment.
  • Clear instructions for action: The rapid delivery of solid key figures and intuitive visual representations such as heat maps and gaze videos enable you to quickly penetrate and easily understand communication, as well as usability of the results.


Download INNOFACT Brochure Eye Tracking PoS (PDF, German language only)