Face-to-Face Surveys using Tablets

Perfectly programmed
surveys at any location

In addition to the classic face-to-face interviews using paper & pencil, INNOFACT also offers personal interviews using tablets. Easier project management, faster delivery of results, enabling more complex study designs, better response and data quality, the ability to display product images, advertisements or TV spots, and a modern appearance of the interviewers are just some of the advantages of this survey method. Clients from various industries have been relying on the proven INNOFACT Face-to-Face surveys using Tablets for years. In this way, they secure decisive advantages in highly competitive markets.

Classical fieldwork at the highest level

In these innovative face-to-face surveys, INNOFACT presents the questionnaire programmed on tablets. It is also possible to display media content, or to let the respondents enter the answers themselves. The interviews at INNOFACT are conducted by experienced interviewers who are individually trained for the specific project. This guarantees high quality and absolute comparability of the interviews even across several locations. The interviews on the tablets can be conducted using mobile data or offline.

Advantages of tablet surveys

  • Survey data is recorded immediately and is available in real time for evaluation and quality control.
    Simple control of possible quota specifications and filter questions during the survey.
  • Details such as interview length and time are automatically tracked.
  • Changes to the questionnaire can be made until shortly before the field start or, if necessary, during the current survey (with online connection).
  • Easier handling for interviewers (handling and dispatch of paper questionnaires is no longer necessary).
  • Increasing the response quality, e.g. by switching the response options (counteracts sequence effects).
    Avoid errors when entering paper questionnaires into the evaluation software.
  • Increased willingness to participate through the use of modern survey tools.
  • Realisation of implicit surveys within the framework of a face-to-face survey (e.g. control and recording of response time, rapid display of logos, items, etc.).
  • Problem-free integration of visuals.


Download INNOFACT Brochure Face-to-Face Surveys (PDF)