Focus Groups

Focus groups for
qualitative insights

At INNOFACT, focus groups have been successfully designed and implemented for clients as a classic and indispensable component of the portfolio for many years. Experienced psychologists and communication scientists, as moderators and project managers, guarantee professional and efficient qualitative research at INNOFACT. INNOFACT recommends the implementation of focus groups, e.g. to evaluate concept ideas, to identify causes of consumer behaviour or to develop explanatory models.

Qualitative insights as the basis for success

With INNOFACT you can carry out focus groups nationwide at your desired locations. Both with consumer and B2B target groups.

How it works

INNOFACT organises studios, coordinates appointments, designs the guidelines in consultation with you, recruits the test persons you are looking for, moderates the groups, evaluates and prepares the qualitative results report. INNOFACT can also coordinate and control your focus group projects internationally with the help of local partners. And: With INNOFACT, focus groups can also be easily combined with quantitative methods into an overall project. With a single project partner, you can implement a multi-stage project with a qualitative and a quantitative part.

These questions will be answered

  • Generation of relevant insights, e.g. regarding fundamental consumer needs, for development approaches or optimisation potentials of product or concept ideas, etc.
  • Analysis of drivers and barriers in the purchasing decision process
  • Ideas for a possible revision or adaptation of own communication
  • Decision-making aids for the follow-up, revision or readjustment of the product, price or service strategy
  • Detailed information on the holistic perception of the product idea (concept, look, feel) from a target group perspective

What INNOFACT delivers

  • Organisation, implementation and evaluation of focus groups nationwide
  • The best test studios and locations
  • All desired additional services such as simultaneous translation, transcriptions, video recording, special catering, etc.
  • Delivery of results by means of easily understandable and meaningful qualitative reports including management summary and recommendations for action.
  • Pre-recruitment of subjects (if necessary or desired) via the comprehensive INNOFACT consumer panels.


Download INNOFACT Brochure Focus Groups (PDF)