Online Eye-Tracking

Eye-tracking of the
next generation

The eye-tracking method can reveal what customers perceive, like or dislike about your advertisements, brochures, TV commercials, posters, websites, packaging or products. Until now, however, the necessary eye-tracking studies were associated with complicated equipment and high costs.
This is where INNOFACT’s innovation comes in: an online-based eye-tracking system without any additional equipment. Only a webcam and a calibration of the eye area of the respective test person in front of his PC is necessary. You can therefore understand your customer’s point of view without great effort – quickly, cost-effectively and scalable to reliable case numbers.
And: With INNOFACT, you can easily integrate next-generation eye-tracking into your normal online surveys (e.g. ad, concept or product tests).

Eye tracking from home

Without complex field tests or distorted test studio atmosphere, INNOFACT can implement real eye-tracking for you with your specific target groups, and you see and understand the perspective of your customers.

How it works

In contrast to classic eye-tracking, in which users have to wear mobile eye trackers or sit in front of stationary eye trackers in the laboratory, INNOFACT’s online eye-tracking is completely relaxed and in a natural situation on the test person’s own computer. The test person’s gaze is recorded via the webcam while he or she is looking at an advertising material, a website, a package or a product on his or her own monitor. Specific algorithms are used to determine what the study participant actually looked at during the recording, in what order and for how long.
The absence of otherwise common infrared measuring devices does not affect the data quality: the online eye-tracking measurements are validated globally by continuous studies, the measuring algorithm is subject to continuous monitoring and optimization. Within the studies, calibration and validation measurements at the beginning and end of each eye-tracking session ensure the integrity of the collected data.

These questions will be answered

  • Which product design or which communication concept works?
  • How are advertising media and media perceived?
  • Which variants of advertisements, brochures, TV spots, posters, websites, packaging or products should be preferred?
  • How should the website be optimised?
  • How is the communication performance of products and services perceived?

What INNOFACT delivers

  • Methodological diversity: Eye-tracking is suitable wherever attention, perception and usability play a role.
  • Simplicity: Online eye-tracking is uncomplicated and convenient for everyone and therefore not only significantly cheaper, but also faster and scalable to large, resilient case numbers.
  • Result orientation: Flexible project implementation, fast results, resilient key figures and intuitive visual representations enable easily understandable results.
  • Integration into classic surveys: Online eye-tracking can be integrated as a module into any classic online survey in order to request other KPIs or qualitative evaluations in addition to eye-tracking data in a study.


Download INNOFACT Brochure Online Eye-Tracking (PDF)