Retail Checkout

Stationary trading
becomes transparent

It is becoming more and more worthwhile to investigate the behaviour of customers during purchase acts in more detail – if only because more and more data is generated about individual customers.
Manufacturers and retailers can know much more quickly why which product is successful, or why it flopped.
INNOFACT has developed a tool that allows stationary retailers, in particular, to conduct continuous surveys among customers that currently bought in store. Immediately after the purchase, a coupon is sent out for an online survey.
Gone are the days when interviewers had to wait in stores for customers ready to provide information. The interviewees can relax and give their feedback on their smartphone or PC at home after shopping.

Get to the bottom of your customers' behaviour

As a retail company in particular, you now have the opportunity to implement Big Data in concrete terms. With the help of coupons, which are generated and printed out individually for each customer after the checkout process, INNOFACT can carry out a subsequent survey. In this way, you receive up-to-date information on the behaviour and satisfaction of your customers and learn in what way offers and services can be improved.

How it works

During the payment process in any branch, customers will receive a coupon asking them to take part in a survey together with the receipt. Participation can be done by calling up an URL or by scanning a QR code. The impulse to issue the coupon can be, for example, a certain product purchased by the customer, the composition of his shopping basket, or the use of a customer card.
When the customer logs on to the INNOFACT survey server later on, an automated validity check with the merchant’s checkout server takes place. Information on the issuing location of the coupon (branch, POS or sales personnel number, issuing date, etc.) or on the purchased products can be supplied. This data is stored in the data record together with the replies. Thus INNOFACT knows where and what your customer has bought and can ask individual questions.

These questions will be answered

  • What is the recommendation readiness of your customers (NPS)?
  • Why do customers buy certain products?
  • How do new products attract?
  • How satisfied are customers with the product range?
  • How is the shop design perceived?
  • How satisfied are customers with individual elements such as service, advice, cleanliness, etc.?

What INNOFACT delivers

  • Targeted surveys of special customer groups, e.g. buyers of certain brands or customer card holders.
  • Generation of action-relevant findings by combining survey and customer data.
  • Possibility to market the survey tool to your suppliers, e.g. by specifically interviewing buyers of new products.
  • Time flexible application options (campaign period vs. continuous operation).
  • High participation rates, and thus strengthening of customer loyalty and image.
  • Low development effort due to highly standardised methodology.
  • Dashboard access to live results, e.g. to NPS at the level of individual branches or sales territories.
  • Option of subsequent raffles, etc. generate customer address data.


Download INNOFACT Brochure Retail Checkout (PDF)