Shelf Simulation

Test designs directly in
the sales shelf

Is the new product packaging convincing in the supermarket? Does the packaging on the shelf attract enough attention compared to competing products? And where is there still potential for optimising product presentation at the point of sale? The INNOFACT Shelf Simulation provides answers to such and similar questions. With this innovative online test, clients explore crucial questions regarding the purchasing decision processes of consumers and target groups at the PoS. Through its own panels, INNOFACT has direct access to over half a million consumers throughout Germany and delivers impressive results. Suppliers of consumer goods of all kinds use the cooperation with INNOFACT to secure decisive competitive advantages at the PoS through INNOFACT Shelf Simulation.

Simply research PoS decisions online

INNOFACT Shelf Simulation is a fast, cost-effective and realistic online market research tool to understand decision-making.

Procedure of INNOFACT Shelf Simulation

The online shelf test is based on consumer’s natural process of selection. The test persons see a virtual sales shelf in the test market simulation. The products and their front and back sides can be selected at leisure and viewed enlarged. Individual aspects such as labels can also be displayed in detail. The virtual “supermarket customer” can put the product back or place it in the shopping basket and “buy” it.
Of course, there are no limits to the experimental imagination here: All conceivable products can be placed on the shelf and tested. Of course, prices and product information can also be varied. Everything is controlled online, without interviewer influences and free of mistakes.

Advantages at a glance

  • Quick and cost-effective execution with meaningful results after only five to seven working days.
  • Exploit all the benefits of online recruitment: clean screening, representative composition and authentic respondent behaviour without interviewer influences.
  • Samples with low incidences are also possible.
  • High flexibility in the design of experimental conditions.

The entire “shopping process” is tracked and clients receive all information, on how long each product has been looked at, and what has been put into the basket or taken out again. The effects of price reductions and promotions can also be displayed.


Download INNOFACT Brochure Shelf Simulation (PDF)