Visual Insight

Results that are
worth seeing

One of the most important tasks of market research is to professionally prepare the findings for internal stakeholders. With INNOFACT Visual Insight, the institute is taking a completely new path away from classic PowerPoint reports, because here the target group speaks for itself – directly, multimedia, live and in colour. Clients from various industries use the cooperation with INNOFACT to enhance board presentations, to enhance internal knowledge portals or for events. In this way, they secure decisive advantages in highly competitive markets.

Results presented by the target group

INNOFACT Visual Insight offers the visual processing of market research results in the way we are used to it today: as a video. For qualitative studies such as focus groups, the video recordings from the test studio are more suitable for research purposes than for presentation purposes.
With INNOFACT Visual Insight, people are interviewed spontaneously and naturally in front of the camera without the impression of a test studio situation.
The interviews are conducted using a professional camera team where your target group can be found: at home, at work, on the road, or after prior recruitment, in the studio.

Possible applications

  • Presentations at all company levels
  • Provision in internal knowledge portals
  • Demonstration at internal events such as sales conferences, training courses, events, trade fairs

Methods used

  • Street Intercept: Customers are interviewed on the street, for example immediately after leaving a store.
  • In-Home B2C: Interview at the customer’s home.
  • In-Home B2B: Interview at the customer’s workplace.
  • Individual interviews: In the studio, for example combined with a live product test.

Advantages for the viewer

  • Quick overview of the opinions and attitudes of relevant target groups.
  • Contents are quickly understandable for everyone.
  • Information comes alive.
  • Customers get a face.
  • Innovative, impressive and direct.


Download INNOFACT Brochure Visual Insight (PDF)