Advertising Impact Research

Recognise what advertising
really achieves

With the INNOFACT Advertising Impact Research study approaches, many years of experience with these kind of questions and access to Germanys largest panels (online/mobile), advertisers have effective instruments at their disposal for measuring advertising impact.

Agencies and advertisers use the cooperation with INNOFACT to regularly review and continuously improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. In this way, they secure decisive advantages in fiercely contested competition.

Measuring and achieving communication goals

INNOFACT Advertising Impact Research takes into account all relevant communication goals such as increasing brand awareness, current image values and purchasing impulses. Clients thus receive comprehensive information with which they can efficiently optimise their advertising measures.

Measured targets

  •   Increase brand awareness
  • Triggering a buying impulse
  • Contribution to brand or corporate image
  • Strengthening the loyalty of existing customers
  • Opening up new customer segments
  • Internal communication

Indicators for advertising effectiveness

Studies by INNOFACT Advertising Impact Research cover the entire target spectrum that clients pursue with their communication beyond the standard measured variables.

  • Top of mind
  • Unaided and supported memory
  • Remembrance and effect of individual elements
    (logo, slogan, text, visuals, people etc.)
  • Overall liking
  • Triggering of a purchase impulse or of impulses to get closer to the product or the brand
  • Fitting in with corporate and brand communications
  • Contribution to the image and brand core
  • Recognising the reason to believe
  • Comprehensibility and uniqueness
  • Assertiveness in the environment of other advertisements

Survey methods/study designs

INNOFACT Advertising Impact Research is predestined for panel research, because the test persons can be recruited from the INNOFACT panels in a target group-specific manner. This also applies to target groups with a low incidence, such as test persons who read a certain magazine, watched a television programme at a certain time or attended a certain event. Participants in online studies respond authentically and without unwanted interview influences. Tracking in particular can be perfectly realised online, because the high standardisation of the recruitment process and interview situation can avoid disruptive variables.

In addition to conventional recruitment from the online/mobile panel, INNOFACT also uses “Behavioural Sampling” to measure the impact of online campaigns: The latest technologies are used to permanently track the online and mobile behavior of respondents. Several thousand respondents have given their consent to their online and mobile behavior being recorded via software. In this way, respondents who have seen certain predefined stimuli, such as a defined online campaign, during their “natural” surfing behavior can be identified precisely.
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