Concept Tests

decision making

In dynamic and ephemeral consumer goods markets, the best ideas for new product concepts are decisive in achieving success. But which ideas and concepts have the best chance of prevailing over others on the market?
The INNOFACT Concept Test provides secure grounds on which to base decisions and reveals, which new product names, concepts and designs customers are sensitive to and which they rate highly.
INNOFACT has direct access to over half a million consumers via its own panels throughout Germany and delivers results of impressive depth even for difficult samples. As part of this, modern online interviews allow for rapid and cost-effective execution.
Manufacturers of every kind of consumer good collaborate with INNOFACT in order to have their ideas validated, securing for themselves in this way decisive competitive advantages in fiercely contested markets.

Valid data for confident decision making

The INNOFACT Concept Test is the ideal instrument to investigate which product idea, which concept or which packaging design is best accepted by consumers, which message optimally conveys the USP, or which special offer is appropriate for the best possible sale. The INNOFACT Concept Test provides valid answers secure grounds on which to base decisions to all these questions.

Questioning, study design and answers

  • Which product idea can expect highest demand potential? (Overall liking, willingness to buy)
  • What exactly appeals to the consumer and where is there still a need for optimisation? (Likes and dislikes)
  • Is the product idea perceived as new and unique by consumers?
  • How are product ideas assessed according to their central properties? (Set of properties)
  • Which name and which design gives rise to the greatest customer appeal and the intended perception of the product?
Benchmark system: as an example here, uniqueness vs. purchase probability

  • INNOFACT develops a tailor-made questionnaire for the assignment‘s purposes. For the survey of fundamental indicators such as overall liking, buying intention and uniqueness, the institute uses standardised questions that facilitate the classification of the survey findings into a comprehensive benchmark database – in some cases also product group specific.

Benefits at a glance

  • Rapid execution within just 5-10 working days approx.
  • Clean target group screening which can also be quoted according to brand users or heavy users on request
  • Detailed information on the perception of the product ideas from a consumer perspective (open questions are also possible)
  • Classification of the core results with the aid of the INNOFACT Benchmark Database
  • Results delivered as an easy to understand report with management summary and recommendations for action
Download INNOFACT Brochure Concept test (PDF)