Cookie Panel

On the Customer's Trail

The crucial questions in online advertising are still the same: Who has seen the online advertising media? How did users perceive the campaign?  And: how does this affect brand parameters such as awareness, image or probability of use?

Classic advertising impact tracking only allows to track the performance of a campaign. However, the direct effects of advertising media contact are not examined.

This is new with the Cookie Panel from INNOFACT: Here, users can be specifically asked about a validated advertising contact. In addition, a parallel measurement of structurally identical control groups is possible. In this way, INNOFACT can evaluate whether an online campaign was successful.

Measuring online campaigns correctly

Our Cookie Panel enables to track digital campaigns on all devices: from desktop till mobile. With this the amount, duration and visibility of the advertising contact (Ad Viewability) are measured. In addition, the advertising format and the marketer are determined for each individual panelist.

How it works

Zero measurement:

  • Recruitment and invitation of participants from the INNOFACT Cookie Panel
  • Profiling and segmentation of survey participants based on a variety of criteria

Campaign tracking:

  • Tracking of advertising contacts: Creation and delivery of a tracking tag to the customer
  • Integration of the tag in the ad server and delivery of the advertisement by the customer or the media agency
  • Identification of persons with campaign contact in the INNOFACT Cookie Panel
  • Live information on reaching target groups, visibility and viewtime

Exposed measurement:

  • Survey of users with validated advertising contact Parallel measurement of structurally identical control groups possible
  • Survey can be conducted on a desktop PC/laptop or smartphone independent of campaign channels

These questions will be answered

  • Duration and visibility of advertising media contacts are recorded
  • Marketers can be clearly identified 
  • Successes or effects of individual advertising formats (interstitial, banner, etc.) can be determined
  • The obtained campaign target group can be tracked by combining profile data with measured advertising contacts
  • INNOFACT can identify up-lifts by comparing them with the control group and thus determine the actual campaign effect

What INNOFACT delivers

  • The major advantage: INNOFACT can specifically target and interview individual test persons after an advertising contact. This means that we can precisely evaluate the delta compared to the control group that did not see the advertising material.
  • By linking the technical measurement with panel information and survey results, you obtain relevant results for
    – creation
    – media planning
    – range measurement
    – target group and advertising impact research.
  • INNOFACT has a decision-maker panel of around 250,000 test persons at its disposal.
Download INNOFACT Brochure Cookie-Panel (PDF)