Customer Panels

Retaining Satisfied Customers

Surveys using our own customer panels and customer feedback communities allow us to gain high-quality market research insights. Not only do they provide valuable data and information, they also bind your own customers and help you tap new customer potential.

Through its own panels, INNOFACT has direct access to over half a million consumers throughout Germany and delivers impressive results even for small samples. Clients from various industries have been using the cooperation with INNOFACT for years to set up their own customer panels and customer feedback communities, and thus to secure decisive competitive advantages in highly competitive markets.

Versatile advantages and possibilities

INNOFACT Customer Panels offer a multitude of advantages and possibilities. Not only do they continuously collect valuable data to control marketing activities, they also help to retain existing customers and convince new customers of the benefits of the brand.

Customer loyalty

INNOFACT Customer Panels are a valuable tool for customer retention: customers feel taken seriously, they appreciate the attention, and thus achieve a higher level of solidarity with the company. Customers who regularly take part in customer surveys as active participants in a customer panel have a significantly lower propensity to change to the competition than others.

Customer acquisition

Companies and brands that implement the output of the customer panel and also communicate accordingly can significantly improve their own brand image. On the one hand, this strengthens the customer relationship by building trust and confirming existing customers in their purchase decisions, and on the other hand, it increases the chances of the eminently important recommendation to new customers (Recommendation, Net Promoter Score).

Fields of application

  • Product research
    Classification of the study results in a benchmark database.
  • Product research
    Conjoint and pricing studies.
  • Potential analysis of new products
  • Churn Management
    Observation and analysis of customer migration.
  • Concept tests
    Review of product ideas and modifications.
  • Customer satisfaction monitor
    Integration of customer satisfaction surveys into the quality management system.
  • Co-creation approaches
    Customers provide ideas and sketches for products and communication.
  • Competition monitor
    Analysis of actions, contacts and communication measures by competitors.
  • Touchpoint studies
    Satisfaction with  customer contact points (branch, call center etc.).
  • Complaint monitor
    Participants can permanently complain and speak openly about the company.
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