Data Analytics

Efficient data evaluation

Do you conduct surveys for your customers, carry out concept tests, or start market tests – and find that you regularly have to invest too much time and money on a professional data evaluation and analysis? You can now outsource this process. The INNOFACT analysis team will be happy to perform this service for you.
With almost 1,000 empirical projects per year, we have a wide range of methodological experience with data evaluation and analysis. We create precise, structured and legible tables, as well as multivariate analyses at the highest level. We have many years of experience of the needs of management consultancies, advertising and media agencies. No matter what is required, you are welcome to ask us, as your evaluation department. Of course, you stay in the lead with your client and we stay in the background.

From data to insights

We help you to understand your data. The INNOFACT analysis specialists check the quality of your data, examine its essential properties and visualise it.

How it works

Whether the in-depth descriptive evaluation in extensive tabular form by means of suitable software for the determination of different subgroups and segmentations, or the creation of more complex multi-level cross tables, contingency tables, and key figures: Our analysts compile your data from different data sources, prepare it and present the most important findings in a way that you can understand. We process your data in all common formats (e.g. .sav, .csv, .dta) and make them available to you in the desired format. Basically, we deliver tabular results in PDF format. If required, alternative formats (e.g. .xlsx) can be used to display the results. A graphical representation of the results is also possible.
  • Correlation analyses: Methods for measuring interrelationships (correlation) between changing quantities. Example: It is used to get a first feeling for data correlation, pre-analysis phase.
  • Regression models can be used to describe and statistically check the influence of different characteristics and variables on target variables. We process both metric and dichotomous (target) variables and adapt our analysis methods (e.g. GLM, Logit) to the available data. Example: Customer satisfaction analyses, forecast models, advertising impact analyses.
  • Structure-covering procedures (factor/cluster analyses) help you to identify homogeneous customer or target groups. Example: Persona studies, customer segmentation, basic type determination.
  • Conjoint or MaxDiff analyses show you how much certain aspects of a product mean to your customers, and how they weigh these against other aspects. Example: Market simulations, optimal product configuration.

What INNOFACT delivers

  • Descriptive analyses (table band)
    Structured and error-free tables: Created by experienced analysts. Timely and flexible delivery of results and data sets. Reproducible and consistent analyses based on script-based evaluations.
  • Explorative analyses
    Safe handling of basic and advanced statistical procedures. Clear and comprehensible documentation of analysis results. The content-related application of the analysis methods enables a usable gain of knowledge.
  • Tailor-made services
    We advise and support you in various (also advanced) data science activities and adapt our services to your individual needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Your contact person

Dr. Elena Sopelnikowa
Fon.: +49 211 862029-217
Email Dr. Sopelnikowa

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