Data Mining Customer Data

Explore customer data
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Explore the potential of your customer data with INNOFACT data mining specialists. Based on the extensive marketing experience gained from several thousand classic market research projects, we offer you data mining solutions that provide you with practical, easily understandable, precise, and directly action-relevant findings for your measures.

INNOFACT has direct access to more than half a million consumers throughout Germany via its own panels and delivers impressive results even for small samples. Clients from various industries have been using INNOFACT for years to segment their customers, reliably forecast the success of marketing and sales measures, and monitor the effects.

Use customer data more effectively

Valuable information is hidden in existing customer data, which can be made visible with modern analysis tools. INNOFACT finds the right time for you for concrete and personalised offers. With precisely tailored customer segmentation, you can control campaigns, promotions, or actions highly efficiently and recognise which campaigns or measures are actually effective. In this way, you can easily, quickly and reliably tap new sales potential from existing data and optimise your customer relationships sustainably.

Step 1: Data management and optimisation

INNOFACT data mining specialists get an overview of value ranges, outliers, scale levels, errors, incomplete data sets, and noise effects.

Afterwards the optimized data is standardised and summarised in such a way that initial descriptive findings such as sales by customer type, customer journey, industry, or A-B-C analysis are available after this step already. Together, we develop strategies from these initial results in order to exploit the full potential of your data.

Step 2: Analysis of customer behaviour and recommendations for action

  • Customer segmentation
    INNOFACT identifies customer segments that are similar to each other, and at the same time, clearly differ from other customer segments.
    Your advantage: You recognise potentials for a target-group-specific customer approach.
  • Forecast
    INNOFACT forecasts customer behaviour on the basis of distribution assumptions.
    Your advantage: You can identify and target customers with high sales potential.
  • Impact measurement
    INNOFACT analyses the impact of advertising, touchpoint contacts, promotions, and other actions or measures.
    Your advantage: You recognise which actions and measures are effective and prevent waste.
  • Recognition of sales drivers
    INNOFACT quantifies which customer characteristics or which events or measures influence sales and/or customer satisfaction.
    Your advantage: You separate the important from the unimportant and concentrate on what drives your company forward and lets it grow.

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