Home Use Tests

Simply ask Consumers
at Home

The targeted selection of respondents from panels and conducting online interviews precisely when the interviewees have time and peace are the advantages of INNOFACT Home Use Tests.

The INNOFACT Home Use Tests convince with extremely low drop-out rates. It would not be possible to achieve these with conventional methods.

INNOFACT has its own panels for direct access to over half a million consumers throughout Germany and delivers results in impressive depth. Suppliers of products and services of all kinds use the cooperation with INNOFACT to secure decisive competitive advantages in highly competitive markets through home use tests.

Market research quality in a new dimension

Home use tests are the touchstone for every new product. After all, it is only when consumers use them in their everyday lives that it becomes clear whether they will be successful.

INNOFACT Home Use Test procedure

As in other study designs, the respondents are screened from the online panel. The respondents are screened in a concealed manner, so that they do not know which click leads to the survey.

If the respondent meets the criteria, the product will then be sent by courier. The first online interview takesplace after the home use phase, which takes usually one to two weeks. A short time later, the respondent receives the second product. The second and last interview follows at the end of the second home use phase.

Advantages at a glance

Recruiting respondents from a panel has all the advantages of modern online research, especially in Home use Tests:

  • Confirmed identity of the test persons
  • Even “difficult“ target groups are reachable
  • High sample quality due to clean screening mechanics
  • Efficient execution, since the interviews only require a small time window

The high commitment of the panel members leads to low drop-out rates. Even after two months with two trial phases, the INNOFACT Home Use Tests still reach over 90 % of the subjects from the zero measurement.

Download INNOFACT Brochure Home Use Tests (PDF)