Omnibus – Multi-Topic Surveys

Valid market research results
in the shortest possible time

The fast mechanics of the INNOFACT online panels make it possible to carry out a bus survey in such a way that a maximum of 48 hours elapse between the delivery of the questions and the dispatch of the results.

The Weekly 48h bus runs every week on Tuesdays with a representative sample of 1,000 surveyed consumers.

And currently, a bus runs on Fridays especially for Corona – also with 1,000 consumers. If you have any questions about current or planned shopping, leisure or media use during the Corona crisis, you’ve come to the right place.

And for particularly urgent cases, clients receive the survey resultson the next working day with the flexibleDaily 24-hour bus. Customers and partners from various industries use the INNOFACT Omnibus to gain important market research results quickly and inexpen- sively. In this way they gain decisive competitive advantages in highly competitive markets.

Powerful, fast and cost-efficient

The INNOFACT Omnibus is a weekly or daily multi- topic survey. The interviewed sample is either representative of the population or representative of the internet, selected according to the criteria age, gender and federal state.


The services of the INNOFACT Omnibus include advice on the question, programming the questionnaire, carrying out the 1,000 interviews and evaluating and documenting the results in the form of PDF or Excel tables (evaluations are possible for up to nine subgroups: age, gender, education, state, occupation, income, household size, children in the household, marital status).



Download INNOFACT Brochure Omnibus (PDF)