Brand Management

Solutions for successful
brand control

Brands create trust and experiences. They provide orientation and identification. Successful and securely positioned brands are resilient in the face of the competition. Controlling brands is one of the core tasks of management nowadays. Reliable, finely detailed, and actionable data and insights are required for assured and successful brand management. Clients and partners from various industries use INNOFACT Brand Management to orientate their brand essence and market position optimally. In this way, they gain decisive competitive advantages in fiercely contested markets.

Market research with perspective

INNOFACT does not just provide data, but also valuable insights. Consequently, brand management is ideally supported by approaches and methods which are consonant with one another and which are customised for the specific market activity of our clients.

Perspective 1: Brand image and brand essence

In the INNOFACT brand image study approach, all the cognitive conceptions and expectations that consumers associate with a brand are recorded and analysed as part of quantitative online studies. The brand essence is constructed from the unconscious, emotional associations with the brand. For that reason, studies on brand essence begin with a qualitative study and are complemented by a quantitative survey.

Perspective 2: Brand positioning

Brand positioning is the part of the brand image and brand essence that is actively communicated to the target group. Consequently, the fundamental idea behind research approaches for market positioning is the way in which a brand differs from others in relation to a variety of dimensions. From this, INNOFACT derives actionable insights that support marketing.

Perspective 3: Brand awareness an brand knowledge

Brand awareness is a prerequisite for consumers to be able to build brand knowledge and a brand image. INNOFACT distinguishes between ‚top of mind‘ awareness (spontaneous citation), unaided and aided awareness. Brand knowledge is a prerequisite forthe brand to be able to influence purchasing decisionsand is comprised of all the relevant knowledge that consumers build up around a brand. The power and value of a brand increases with depth and level of detail of the brand knowledge. Association and game techniques are used as part of qualitative surveys to measure brand knowledge.

Perspective 4: Brand relevance for the purchase decision processes

A brand does not have the same level of relevance in every market regarding purchase decisions. Using quantitative components, INNOFACT ascertains the particular significance of a brand in purchase decisions.
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