Brand Funnel Analysis

Develop customer potential
the right way

What makes your brand unique? Why do consumers buy your brand? What barriers are there? And above anything else: How can you convince as many customers as possible of your brand? Loyal brand users are, of course, the favourite customer group. However, it is a long way to get there.
Use the Brand Funnel Analysis provided by INNOFACT to analyse your customers‘ decision-making behaviour during the purchasing process. Find out what role your brand plays in your customers‘ lives, and what tools are at your disposal to entrench your brand in their lives more strongly.
From a funnel analysis, you will discover at which points in the decision-making process your brand works well, where potential customers are lost, and what you can do to improve the chances of conversion at every stage in the sales funnel.

Understand your customers‘ motives

In the funnel, the various stages of the customer journey are depicted in an ideal manner: from the customer who has already heard of the brand to actual buyers and regular customers. As in a funnel, the flow of customers during the journey ever decreases because more people arrive at decisions contrary to the interests of your brand at each stage.

How it works

INNOFACT asks your target group with the help of a tried and tested question set for brand funnel analysis. If necessary, the existing standard questionnaire will be adjusted for the optimal depiction of buying behaviour in your market segment. Consequently, you will receive a unique analysis of potential customers‘ or users‘ decision-making processes which has been customised specifically for your market and your customers. INNOFACT major competitors brand funnel:

These Questions will be answered

  • How many customers are familiar with your brand?
  • How many are considering a purchase?
  • How many buy your product?
  • Why do customers exit the process?
  • At which stages do you lose a large amount of potential customers in particular – and what can you do to counter this?
  • Who are the repeat customers?
  • Where are the loyal customers?
  • How does your brand perform compared to your major competitors?

INNOFACT provides you with this information

  • We determine at which funnel stages you are well positioned, and where you might still be losing an above-average number of potential customers or users as they transition from one stage to the next.
  • INNOFACT examines in detail the reasons for which customers have decided against progressing to the next stage, and what measures you are able to take in order to counteract this erosion.
  • We compare your funnel with that of your competitors and see where you are better or worse positioned.
  • INNOFACT tracks your funnel and measures the success of your measures to the end of improving conversion.
Download INNOFACT Brochure Brand Funnel Analysis (PDF)