Assure campaigns –
increase advertising impact

Advertising campaigns cost time and money. As a consequence, most advertisers protect their investment by testing campaign ideas before the launch. The INNOFACT Pretests are the perfect measuring instrument to that end. Quick, resilient and reliable – irrespective of whether carried out online or in a studio. Advertisers and agencies use the INNOFACT Pretest in order to examine the effectiveness of the campaign on the target group before its launch and to identify optimisation potential. In this way, you gain decisive competitive advantages for yourself in fiercely contested markets.


Rapid, robust multifaceted, sophisticated

INNOFACT Pretests provide rapid and robust statements as to the effectiveness of advertising materials. Depending on specific requirements, results advising how to proceed will be available within 24 hours.

How it works

The questionnaire design will be adjusted in agreement with the client and, as the circumstances require, the object to be tested will be integrated directly into the survey. The INNOFACT Pretest procedures are adapted to the tight development schedules of the advertising materials. This is applicable both for pretests in the initial creative phase as well as for the test of finalised concepts. Online pretests, in particular, also deliver rapid but no less robust insights, even within the tight deadlines of campaign development.

These questions will be answered

The INNOFACT Pretest study designs provide insights about the core indicators of successful advertising material.

  • How strong is the impulse power of the advertising material?
  • How pleasing is it overall?
  • Is the object to be tested being understood?
  • Is the idea unique?
  • Is the campaign/advertising material receiving Likes or Dislikes?
  • How well does it fit with the brand?
  • How well does it fit with the product or otherparts of the campaign?
  • How well can the claim, product or brand be remembered?

INNOFACT will provide you with this information

We carry out pretests for print, online, TV, radio, and out of home advertising material. This is done in each case with a especially adjusted study design that is responsive to the idiosyncrasies and unique requirements of the communication channel. We also oversee integrated campaigns with pretests during their initial creative phase.
INNOFACT looks after a variety of clients on both the agency side and customer side and has broad experience with the specific requirements that arise from the supervision of creative processes in market research – especially with the reliability of statements and compliance with deadlines.
Download INNOFACT Brochure Pretests (PDF)