Retargeting Panel

Online advertising
in real-time monitoring

The effect of online advertising is being put to the test more than ever before. The question that dominates everything is and remains: Was online advertising seen and by whom? And how does this affect brand parameters such as awareness, image, or probability of use? Classical advertising impact tracking only allows the performance of the campaign to be tracked. However, the direct effects of the advertising media contact are not analysed. INNOFACT has solved this problem with a new measurement approach. With the INNOFACT Retargeting Panel, users can be specifically brought into contact with an advertising medium and then queried. Parallel measurement of control groups with the same structure is also possible. In this way, INNOFACT can say exactly whether an online campaign has a probability of success.

Measuring online campaigns correctly

With our retargeting panel, INNOFACT makes it possible to accurately target digital campaigns to exactly at target segment of users that is to be addressed as customers. The number and duration of the advertising contact are measured. But much more decisive is the fact that the user can be specifically interviewed.

How it works

The users from the INNOFACT Retargeting Panel who are to be reached as a target segment for the campaign are marked with a cookie – of course not without having obtained prior consent.
This target segment is then addressed via a Demand Side Platform (DSP), which is a platform responsible for the delivery of advertising materials on the Web. If the respective panelist now surfs the net in their normal everyday life, then the panelist is identified by the DSP on the basis of the cookies and the campaign to be investigated is specifically shown.
This means that only the panelist who corresponds to the target segment is actually supplied. This has two immense advantages: First, any number of panelists can be addressed in the study. Secondly, in contrast to conventional pre-tests, there is no laboratory situation. The panelist sees the advertising medium in the normal context of his (everyday) internet visit.
Accordingly, it is also possible to determine how often the ad should be shown, and a frequency capping (maximum limit for advertising media contacts), which is common in advertising playout, is also possible. The quantity and duration of the advertising contacts are then measured and the panelists are specifically interviewed.

The steps in detail

Campaign preparation/setup

  • Segmentation of the panel on the basis of a large number of profile criteria, and establishment as a target group for the DSP
  • Establishment of the test campaign taking into account planned parameters such as platforms, environments and contact frequency

Campaign delivery/tracking

  • Delivery of the campaign exclusively to panelists
  • Tracking of digital advertising contacts with formats and environments

Exposed measurement

  • Survey of users with validated advertising contact
  • Parallel measurement of structurally identical control groups possible
  • Survey can be conducted independently of campaign channels on a desktop PC/laptop or smartphone

These questions will be answered

  • Advertising media contacts are recorded with duration, visibility and environment
  • The success or effect of individual advertising formats (interstitial, banner, etc.) can be determined.
  • The achieved campaign target group can be tracked by linking profile data with measured advertising contacts.
  • INNOFACT can determine up-lifts by comparison with the control group. In other words, what effect did the campaign actually have on those who saw it?
  • This allows the campaign to be evaluated on the basis of awareness, impact and brand effect.

By linking the technical measurement with panel information and survey results, you get relevant results for

  • creation
  • media planning
  • range measurement
  • target group and advertising impact research.

What INNOFACT delivers

  • Very efficient setup minimizes media costs, enables new study approaches and allows combination with other methods
  • The campaign reach is no longer relevant for this type of campaign playout, since a large part of the retargeting panel lists can in principle be reached
  • Possibility to specifically select and target panel target groups
  • Pretests of advertising materials in closed panels possible
  • Genuine pre-tests in natural environments are possible with little effort directly before the campaign starts
  • Measurement of normal media usage under real conditions without laboratory situation
  • Full-service approach – technology setup, campaign management and project management from a single source


Download INNOFACT Brochure Retargeting Panel (PDF)