TV-Spot Performance

Successful TV Advertising

With the decision for TV advertising, advertisers and agencies often go “new ways” of communication and thus enter partly unknown territory. INNOFACT secures decisions sustainably and is the ideal guide to successful TV communication.

Advertisers and agencies use the cooperation with INNOFACT to review and optimise their TV campaign approaches. In this way, they secure decisive advantages in fiercely contested markets.

Find the right TV spot for your brand

The brand image, the tone of the TV spot, the fit between advertising and brand or the long-term impact of the campaign cannot be measured purely technically. This is where INNOFACT’s job begins.

INNOFACT finds the answers

  • Which target groups are reached?
  • What influence does the TV spot have on brand awareness?
  • Does the TV campaign contribute to the brand image?
  • Which actions are triggered by the TV spot?
  • Does the TV spot appeal to the target group?
  • Is the advertising message understood?
  • Do advertising and brand go well together?


INNOFACT interviews 500 people each from the INNOFACT online panel in two survey waves – before and at the end of the campaign period. The system then checks whether changes in the KPIs, such as brand awareness, can be detected and assigned to the campaign.

Services and benefits

Clients receive detailed, tabular evaluations and a commented presentation in which the results are presented in diagrams. This takes into account various demographic target groups and market segments such as brand experts as well as relevant competitors.

Benefit from deep insights

Insights campaign success
INNOFACT checks campaign success using hard and soft criteria and identifies different KPIs such as target groups reached, brand awareness, liking and image. Clients find out whether the campaign was able to have the desired effect beyond technical key figures.
Insights advertising planning
INNOFACT also checks how the campaign is perceived and evaluated in the target group – for example, what is particularly good and what is less good. Clients find out how they can better tailor their future advertising campaigns to the special requirements of their target group.

Special offer for online providers

  • Sample:
    Online survey of 2 × 500 persons from the INNOFACT online panel. Interview length approx. 8 minutes.
  • Contents and KPIs:
    Brand awareness, advertising recall and evaluation, brand evaluation and relevance, propensity to buy.
  • Timing:
    Two survey waves – before and at the end of the campaign. The study is carried out in approx. 10 days per survey wave.
  • Costs pre- and post-test:
    EUR 3,990 Euro. If the campaign is already running, only a status measurement is carried out – with the same questions, but without a before-and-after comparison at reduced price of only EUR 2,790 applies. (VAT is to be added to all prices)
Download INNOFACT Brochure TV-Spot Performance (PDF)