Researching the behaviour of shoppers

INNOFACT has considerable experience with large national and international projects. Whether online surveys, surveys at the point of sale or at the checkout based on current purchases made by customers: INNOFACT evaluates shopper behaviour and provides valuable recommendations.

COsumer Insights for Retailers

  • Numerous clients from the retail industry have relied for years on INNOFACT’s proven services such as tailor-made study designs and the delivery of timely and reliable results and action-relevant findings.
  • Whether from the top ten food retailers or from the DIY, clothing, furniture, bookselling, perfumery or e-commerce sectors, INNOFACT surveys customer satisfaction, determines optimal price points, provides support in assessing shop design or analyses customers‘ purchasing behaviour – locally, nationally and internationally.

How it works

INNOFACT has a large toolbox of methods to help you better understand your customers:

  • large-scale national and international surveys on product range, service,
  • satisfaction and Net Promoter Score
  • Concept tests for communication, price and product
  • shelf tests
  • Customer segmentation
  • eye tracking at the point of sale
  • Surveys on the basis of shopping baskets using QR Code after the
  • purchase (retail checkout)
  • Establishment of own dealer-specific customer panels

Market research from specialists

INNOFACT is the absolute specialist in the retail business. More than 20 years of experience and large retail chains as customers are proof of the great expertise in both the food and non-food sectors.

Additional Solutions

These questions will be answered

  • What do customers expect in terms of products, ranges and prices in the respective categories (category management)?
  • Which new products are popular with customers and which ones flop?
  • Which topics play a role in products and categories, such as sustainability, regionality, veggie trends, etc.?
  • Assessments of customer satisfaction, loyalty and enthusiasm
  • How does the Net Promoter Score (NPS) develop?
  • Market, potential and competition analyses

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