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Time is often scarce – especially when it comes to finding out which idea and which concepts have the best chances of successfully asserting themselves against others in the market. The INNOFACT 24h concept test provides a reliable basis for decision-making within just 24 hours. Based on a survey of 300 respondents, who are selected according to the core target group, the test shows how product names, concepts and designs are perceived and evaluated by customers.

Good to know

INNOFACT has direct access to over 500,000 consumers throughout Germany via its own panels and delivers results at an impressive depth, even with small samples. Manufacturers of consumer goods of all kinds use the cooperation with INNOFACT to secure their ideas and concepts and thus secure decisive competitive advantages in highly competitive markets.


The INNOFACT 24h concept test takes full advantage of the speed of online surveys without sacrificing very good data quality and a clean sample.

This innovative market research instrument is the ideal solution for time-critical marketing decisions. INNOFACT clients use it, for example, to check concepts at an early stage, to test brand messages, claims or packaging designs and to efficiently minimise the economic risks of a new product launch.



The INNOFACT 24h concept test is structured in such a way that the results can be quickly interpreted and thus directly incorporated into marketing decisions.


  • 300 online interviews
  • Sample representative of the target group
  • Guaranteed delivery of results within 24 hours
  • Table tape and PPT chart report with drilldowns
  • Suitable for image, text and multimedia templates
  • Costs: from 2.800 Euro*.

    * 300 interviewees per wave, sample with medium recruitment requirements such as „purchase decision-makers for food between 20 and 50 years of age“, up to 2 concept alternatives included, each additional plus 150 Euro. All prices plus VAT.

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